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Prospect Capital Restaurants Hosts Leadership Expo

Prospect Capital Restaurants (PCR) believes its people are its purpose. “Investing in our people is investing in our future,” says CEO Chris Rigassio. “We believe that building a great team will make us win. Taking the time to cultivate leadership skills is step one.” 

On October 20, 2020, PCR hosted its first in-house leadership expo. The expo was led by Donna Tussing, PCR’s Director of Training, and featured team building exercises, big picture conversations and goal management. Eleven assistant managers, four managers, two directors of operations, and CEO Chris Rigassio took part in the team building exercises. What makes a manager different from a leader? That was just one of the topics covered throughout the day. 

As a result of the many conversations, managers committed themselves to focus on being leaders in their stores. Managers also learned how to set goals and track their progress. 

The Leadership Expo is the first of many that PCR plans on hosting. In order to grow top-tier franchises, we need to grow top-tier talent. As our managers commit themselves to their craft, we commit ourselves to them.