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PCR Introduces Ghost Kitchen Model to Jersey Mike’s

Ghost kitchens are a newer operations model that have only recently been conceptualized with the rise of third party delivery. These kitchens work just as a regular restaurant concept does behind the line but there is no dining room, parking lot, or front of house staff. In some instances, there is not even any signage to indicate the restaurant exists within the building. Orders are placed solely through digital avenues, usually through third party delivery apps, but sometimes through the restaurant’s own app or website as well. These spaces typically host more than one restaurant concept in a single building. The appeal for restaurant owners is the opportunity to open new locations in smaller areas that require less capital to operate. 

Prospect Capital Restaurants introduced the first ghost kitchen concept to Jersey Mike’s in 2021. Since then, they have opened 2 more ghost kitchens in NYC with more in development. While this isn’t the first take-out only concept PCR has developed – they also started developing take-out only locations with Wingstop – this is the first ghost kitchen they’ve opened and the first for the whole Jersey Mike’s system.  In a largely digital world, this has become an exciting venture and provides flexibility for an ever-changing restaurant landscape.