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PCR Raises over $5000 Donation to Local Charities

Prospect Capital Restaurants proudly hosted a company wide fundraising event that benefited local charities across three states over two days.  Inspired by Jersey Mike’s, PCR introduced the same fundraising model to its Wingstop locations. Twenty-eight locations came together and distributed fundraising cards that offered free food in exchange for a minimum donation of $2 to the partnering organization. This year’s charity partners were Jersey Cares, Oasis, New York Special Olympics, and Whitestone Ministries. 

Jersey Mike’s is known for their fundraising efforts and built their brand around community immersion. Typically, customers receive a card that offers a free regular sub in exchange for a minimum $2 donation. PCR’s 2 participating ghost kitchen locations, however, could not accept a coupon card since all ordering is digital. To work around this, PCR pledged to donate 20% of all sales during the event. PCR took this fundraising card model and applied it to the Wingstop brand for the first time and saw great results. Wingstop customers received a free 6 piece boneless combo in exchange for a minimum $2 donation. 

The week leading up to the event, our teams hit the neighborhood and passed out fundraiser cards to local businesses, neighbors, and community organizations. Over 2,000 cards were printed for each participating location. We saw an outpouring of support from our community and raised over $5,000 throughout this two day event. It was an honor to partner with these local charities in such a meaningful way and we are proud of the support our customers showed during this event.